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API & Backend

API & Backend

Backend API

A back-end API is a programming interface that helps developers to interact with back-end services for example servers. When choosing a backend API, there is a multitude of options available. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind that will lead you to your goals.

What are API and backend?

Also often called Mobile Backend as a Service, BaaS, or MBaaS, an API backend is a way for developers to link their software and application to cloud-based storage, making it easier to link up with software development kits and APIs.

Is API different from the backend?

Often, an API is considered a backend “component”. And, for instance, a database can also be treated as another backend component. The APIs you are likely referring to here are web APIs, so could be considered backend components.

Is API part of the frontend or backend?

API. The frontend communicates with the backend through an API. In the case of web and mobile frontends, the API is often based on HTTP requests/responses. The API is sometimes designed using the “Backend for Frontend” (BFF) pattern, which serves responses to ease the processing on the frontend side.

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