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API Testing

API Testing


What is API testing?

API testing is a type of software testing that analyzes an application program interface (API) to verify it fulfills its expected functionality, security, performance, and reliability. The tests are performed either directly on the API or as part of integration testing.

What is REST API Testing?

REST API Testing is an open-source web automation testing technique that is used for testing RESTful APIs for web applications. The purpose of rest API testing is to record the response of the rest API by sending various HTTP/S requests to check if the rest API is working fine or not. Rest API testing is done by GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods.

Rest stands for Representational State Transfer. It is an architectural style and an approach for communication used in the development of Web Services. REST has become a logical choice for building APIs. It enables users to connect and interact with cloud services efficiently.

An API or Application Programming Interface is a set of programming instructions for accessing a web-based software application.

In other words, a set of commands used by an individual program to communicate with one another directly and use each other’s functions to get information.

There are mainly 4 types of API Testing methods: GET, POST, Delete, and PUT.

GET– The GET method is used to extract information from the given server using a given URI. While using GET request, it should only extract data and should have no other effect on the data.

POST– A POST request is used to create a new entity. It can also be used to send data to the server, for example, customer information, file upload, etc. using HTML forms.

PUT– Create a new entity or update an existing one.

DELETE– Removes all current representations of the target resource given by a URI.



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